Benefits of Integrated Management


The general benefits of integrated management and integrated management systems include:

  1. Enhanced stakeholder satisfaction while making the best use of resources.

  2. Greater effectiveness, efficiency and control of the organization’s structures and processes.

  3. Improved integration of prospect and risk management and performance operating under uncertainty.

  4. Improved commercial and social responsibility performance.

  5. Greater robustness, agility and resilience.

  6. More concise minimalist management system with all aspects adding value without redundancy.

  7. Enhanced communication through simplicity and uniformity.

  8. Enhanced competence via easier compliance, less violation, greater employee participation and ownership leading to stress reduction and better utilization of creativity.

  9. Better prospect/risk/quality issues conflict resolution and management.

  10. Enhanced stakeholder understanding and satisfaction through simplificationand better communication.

  11. Simpler, reduction in and accelerated learning and development.

  12. Reduced and more integrated reactive event investigation and planned monitoring (audits/inspections) including certification surveillance.

  13. Improved management and process transparency leading to more efficient and effective management review, and action planning.

  14. Faster change, innovation and delivery dynamics supporting optimal organisation learning and alignment with the evolving needs, expectations and aspirations of stakeholders.

  15. Better implementation and return from improvement and regulatory compliance initiatives through full integration with existing arrangements.

  16. Enhanced competitiveness & business security.

  17. Increased profitability through lower costs, improved productivity, creativity and innovation.


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