Integrated Management SIG Organisation Role Description

Consultancy Officer

The following requirements are additional to those of an IMSIG Steering Committee Member

Issue 1


Reports to IMSIG Chair.


Home working.

Nature and Purpose of the Role

To provide guidance and co-ordination to consultants supplying integrated management and integrated management system products and services.

Main Duties

  1. Execute the IMSIG strategic plan.

  2. Define competence requirements for integrated management consultants.

  3. Co-ordinate competence certification of integrated management consultants.

  4. Maintain a register of competence certified consultants.

  5. Identify needs of consultants providing integrated management consultancy and feed these back to the IMSIG steering committee.

  6. Provide access to resources to support integrated management consultancy.

  7. Work with other IMSIG officers to develop and provide resources to support consultants.

  8. Produce a brief performance statement of area of responsibility for inclusion in the main IMSIG annual report.

  9. Comply with IMSIG formal governance arrangements.

  10. IMSIG Steering Committee Member Duties.

Time Commitment

About 3 hours per month.

Desirable Qualifications

Refer to Committee Member Role.

Desirable Knowledge and Skills

Awareness and understanding of MSS 1000.

Ability to work with people at all levels in an organisation.

Familiarity with common management system standards and certification processes.

Understand how to map the requirements of multiple standards and legislation etc to a common management taxonomy to form a well structured IMS.

Able to exercise good judgement in making just and pragmatic decisions.

Administrative skills.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Awards

Approximately 30 hours per year, depending on professional body.


This role forms part of the IMSIG Organisation

We welcome new IMSIG committee members - it's an excellent way to broaden your skills and experience