Integrated Management SIG Organisation Role Description


The following requirements are additional to those of an IMSIG Steering Committee Member

NOTE: This role may only be performed by a member of the CQI.

Issue 1


Reports to CQI Executive.

Strong liaison with IMSIG Secretary.

Strong liaison with Marketing and Social Media Officer.

Strong liaison with Website Officer.


Home working.

Nature and purpose of the role

To take the lead in promoting and co-ordinating the activities of the Integrated Management Special Interest Group.

Main duties

These duties are additional to those defined in the Steering Committee Member Role Description

  1. Exercise leadership in the development and exploitation of integrated management theory and practice.

  2. Lead the development of an IMSIG strategic plan and ensure it is periodically reviewed by the IMSIG Steering Committee.

  3. Act as the principal spokesperson for significant official enquiries of a non-routine nature.

  4. Ensure IMSIG activities comply with the CQI’s Royal Charter, CQI administrative requirements and the needs of society while exercising the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

  5. Ensure that formal governance arrangements are established and maintained covering the activities of IMSIG including its administration of IMSIG and made available via the IMSIG website governance page.

  6. Develop and pursue an IMSIG strategic plan.

  7. Help plan and chair IMSIG Steering Committee meetings including an annual General Meeting.

  8. Coordinate the preparation of an annual IMSIG performance report and ensure it is made available to the CQI Executive.

  9. Encourage the development of papers and articles that articulate the benefits of an integrated management approach that can be readily understood by top management and management professionals.

  10. Exchange best practice and share knowledge with other SIG chairs.

  11. Provide advice to the CQI Executive, other bodies and individuals requesting information on any aspect of integrated management.

  12. Coordinate the development and delivery of IMSIG goods and services and ensure that effective and efficient project management arrangements are established. This may include the establishment of a sub-committee and project leader. This includes the maintenance of MSS 1000.

  13. Encourage management software providers to exploit the potential of MSS 1000

  14. Arrange conference speakers when requested.

  15. Provide or arrange mentoring of IMSIG committee members and officers where needed.

  16. Encourage the establishment and maintenance of an integrated management/governance body of knowledge to assist top management and management professionals in formulating strategy regarding:

* Selecting and managing management systems certification bodies,

* Analysing the needs, expectations and aspirations of an organisation’s internal and external stakeholders,

* Selecting proprietary software systems to act as a platform for an integrated management system,

* Establishing a fully integrated management system.

Time Commitment

About 6 hours per month.

Desirable Qualifications

Refer to Committee Member Role.

Desirable Knowledge & Skills

Chair meetings.


Personnel management.

Presentation and public speaking.

Written communication.

Negotiating skills.

Thorough understanding of the principles and application of integrated management and integrated management systems.

CPD awards:

Approximately 30 hours, depending on professional body.


This role forms part of the IMSIG Organisation

We welcome new IMSIG committee members - it's an excellent way to broaden your skills and experience