Integrated Management SIG Organisation Role Description

Steering Committee Member

The following also defines the core requirements for all IMSIG Officers

Issue 1


Reports to IMSIG Chair.

Core Duties

  1. As an IMSIG steering group member, execute the IMSIG strategic plan.

  2. Put the needs of society first and comply with the requirements and the spirit of the CQI Royal Charter in promoting, developing and disseminating integrated management theory, practice, goods and services.

  3. Consult the IMSIG chair and steering group on any personal or other issue where there may be a possible conflict of interest that could threaten the integrity of IMSIG or compliance with the CQI Royal Charter.

  4. Work with and lend support to other IMSIG officers to develop and provide integrated management resources.

  5. Maintain famiarity and understanding of the current knowledge and general content maintained on the IMSIG website.

  6. Attend IMSIG steering committee meetings and respond to communications by the IMSIG secretary, chair and other members.

  7. Produce a brief performance statement of any area of responsibility for inclusion in the main IMSIG annual report.

  8. Contribute to the activities of IMSIG as required, from time to time, by the IMSIG chair.

  9. Comply with IMSIG formal governance arrangements, which includes management of personal data

Desirable Knowledge & Skills

Awareness and understanding of how organisations function and fulfil their purpose via their structures and processes, management systems, and compliance with legislation, contracts and standards.

Ability to constructively cooperate and work with others at all organisation levels and within a team or project.

Ability to work systematically and deliver defined objectives to an acceptable quality and on-time.

Where necessary ability to coordinate the activities of others.

Administrative skills

IT aware and competent in commonly used management software.

Be generally familiar with the scope and content of MSS 1000 and able to relate elements of its content to other management system standards in common use.

Desirable Qualifications

Degree or equivalent level of education

Specialist competences helping support the operations of IMSIG and/or perform the duties of a specific assigned role.

CPD awards:

Refer to applicable professional body.


This role forms part of the IMSIG Organisation

We welcome new IMSIG committee members - it's an excellent way to broaden your skills and experience