Integrated Management SIG Organisation Role Description


The following requirements are additional to those of an IMSIG Steering Committee Member

NOTE: This role may only be performed by a member of the CQI.

Issue 1


Reports to IMSIG Chair.

Strong liaison with IMSIG Chair.

Strong liaison with IMSIG Membership Officer.

Strong liaison with CQI HQ SIGs Officer.


Home working.

Nature and Purpose of the Role

To provide high-level general administrative support for the running of the CQI Integrated Management Special Interest Group.

Main Duties

1. Execute the IMSIG strategic plan.

2. Support the Quarterly IMSIG Steering Committee Meeting by: -

* Setting up the meeting using GoToMeeting or an alternative internet meeting platform,

* Send out notification of meetings dates and times to committee members,

* Track attendance of meetings,

*Produce presentation material required to run the meetings, supported by other committee    members as required,

* Produce and circulate minutes from the meetings.


3. Schedule an AGM which may be integrated with the quarterly IMSIG Steering Committee Meeting.

4. Assist the Chair in compiling an annual IMSIG performance report.

5. Manage data and information related to IMSIG activities using Dropbox and/or some alternative sharing package.

6. Comply with IMSIG formal governance arrangements.

7. IMSIG Steering Committee Member Duties.

Time Commitment

About an average of 3 hours per months with peaks in months when steering committee meeting take place

Desirable Qualifications

Refer to Committee Member Role.

Desirable Knowledge and Skills

Administration and organisational skills.

Personnel management.

Competent PC, internet and Microsoft Office user.

Good communication skills.

Awareness of Management System standards.

Awareness of MSS 1000.

Knowledge of organisation, management practitioner and societal current and evolving needs.

CPD awards:

Approximately 30 hours, depending on professional body.


This role forms part of the IMSIG Organisation

We welcome new IMSIG committee members - it's an excellent way to broaden your skills and experience