Joining and getting involved with the Integrated Management Community

All types of management professional and those interested in or researching into integrated management are welcome to join the Integrated Management Community (IMC).

Your level of involvement is entirely your choice and supports continuing professional development (CPD).

You may wish to simply interact via the IMC LinkedIn Group and use the resources on the IMC Website. You may wish to get involved with the coordination of the IMC and developing policy and resources via its Hub.


You will first need to become a member of LinkedIn. Then join the Integrated Management Community (IMC) via our LinkedIn Group: "integrated Management Community" or otherwise search for "Integrated Management Community" via the LinkedIn General Web Site.

IMC Hub Membership

If you'd like to become more involved and are willing to commit a few hours of your time per month, you could volunteer to get involved in the IMC Hub helping with coordination or focusing on a particular topic.  This will offer opportunities to enhance your existing skills and develop new ones aiding CPD.

If you are interested in this second option, please email