MSS 1000

Achieve total control of your organization with this

Universal Management System Standard

This free to download standard addresses all of the general aspects of managing an organization to achieve excellent all-round performance and avoids the need to comply with multiple fragmented standards. It takes a fully structure and process focused approach and seamlessly includes quality, prospect and risk management best practice.

MSS 1000:2014 is a universal management system standard enabling organisations to create fully integrated management systems directing and guiding their total strategic, tactical and operational management processes. It avoids the need to comply with multiple management system standards covering separate aspects of performance such as goods and services quality, health and safety, environment and security. Commercial, human resource and social responsibility aspects are also covered that are not normally explicitly addressed in management system standards.

Options are provided to self and externally certify against the standard and achieve bronze, silver and gold award. It has an integral innovative scoring system that enables the organisation to gauge its progress against the standard and to conduct internal and external performance benchmarking

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