Integrated Management SIG Organisation Role Description

Marketing and Social Media Officer

The following requirements are additional to those of an IMSIG Steering Committee Member

Issue 1


Reports to IMSIG Chair.

Strong liaison with the Website Officer.


Home working.

Nature and Purpose of the Role

To promote the Integrated Management Special Interest Group, to publicise all aspects of its existence and benefits, and to create a strong reliable and ethical brand.

Main Duties

  1. Execute the IMSIG strategic plan and help ensure IMSIG builds a strong reputation and brand.

  2. Identify the requirements of IMSIG and integrated management stakeholders and respond to their requests for information, goods and services.

  3. Work with other IMSIG officers to plan and provide promotional themes and activities to support the deployment of the IMSIG strategic plan.

  4. Co-ordinate the deployment of IMSIG promotional activities.

  5. Assist the IMSIG Chair in preparing and issuing press releases when the need has been identified.

  6. Maintain a social media presence on appropriate platforms and use it to contribute to the marketing of IMSIG and the achievement of its objectives.

  7. Act as a moderator on IMSIG’s social media platforms ensure activity is constructive, professional and not commercially exploitive or damaging or against the spirit of the CQI’s Royal charter.

  8. Act as the ‘Boundless’ newsletter editor and endeavour to publish quarterly. Motivate others to contribute copy and ensure Boundless has a top management focus.

  9. Motivate IMSIG members to contribute to a monthly IMSIG website Blog related to integrated management or general management or other topic of interest to organisation stakeholders.

  10. Encourage the development of papers and articles that articulate the benefits of an integrated management approach that can be readily understood by top management and management professionals.

  11. Network with publication editors normally read by top management offering articles and speakers.

  12. Monitor and report to the steering committee on the success of promotional, social media activities and other IMSIG communications.

  13. Produce a brief performance statement of area of responsibility for inclusion in the main IMSIG annual report.

  14. Comply with IMSIG formal governance arrangements.

  15. IMSIG Steering Committee Member Duties.

Time Commitment

About 3 hours per month.

Desirable Qualifications

Refer to Committee Member Role.

Desirable Knowledge and Skills

Understand the benefits and features of IMSIGs current goods and services.

Understand needs of organisations.

Awareness and understanding of MSS 1000.

Advertising and marketing.

Using and exploiting social media platforms.

Marketing awareness.

Creating and executing a marketing plan.

Social media principles.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Awards

Approximately 30 hours, depending on professional body.


This role forms part of the IMSIG Organisation

We welcome new IMSIG committee members - it's an excellent way to broaden your skills and experience