Integrated Management System Definition

IMSIG defined integrated management systems in 2007 as:

“An Integrated Management System is a single integrated system used by an organisation to manage the totality of its processes, in order to meet the organisation's objectives and equitably satisfy the stakeholders"


This definition is contained and elaborated in the IMSIG paper: "Integrated Management System Structure and Definition".


However, in more recent times integrated management systems have been classified as either fully or partially integrated. MSS 1000:2014 therefore introduced the following definitions:

  • Integrated management system definition:

“Management system that has a scope that includes two or more aspects of an organisation’s performance that is capable of being managed by separate distinct management systems.”

  • Fully integrated management system definition:

“Integrated management system that addresses the totality of the organization’s structures and processes with the exception of arrangements that need to be covert.”

More papers relating to integrated management are listed within the ‘Resources‘ section of this website.