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"The beginning of wisdom is

to call things by their proper name.”
― Confucius ―

The advancement of any body of knowledge and its effective and efficient application depends on accurately defining and unifying its fundamental concepts and language.

See Ontology and Taxonomy Management Principle.

See Order from Chaos Paper.

A comprehensive list of fully coherent universal management definitions is defined in the Universal Management System Standard MSS 1000.

Terms have as far as possible been defined to be generic and inclusive to support a holistic description of the management of any type or size of organisation. Many of the definitions relate things to a stakeholder perspective such that it becomes relativistic.

The definitions also provide consistent verbal and written language to communicate and conduct management across organisations of differing types and disciplines.

the definitions are grouped under the following subsections:

  • Definition of Acronyms

  • Definition of Document Types

  • Definition of General Terms

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