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What is your question relating to management systems?

What is a management system?

A management system is a set of hard and soft rules typically defined by written policies and procedures that an organisation uses to direct and guide its personnel to achieve its goals and objectives. It is a framework of rules that helps an organisation systematically manage its operations and resources to deliver its purpose effectively and efficiently. A management system typically directs and guides strategic, tactical, and operational processes for planning, organising, controlling, monitoring, reviewing and continually improving an organisation's activities. This is generally referred to as cycles of plan-do-check-act. A management system enables personnel to work in a coordinated uniform and coordinated way, alleviating managers from repeatedly needing to give the same direction and advice. This makes more effective and efficient use of the management resource. A management system does not necessarily have to be written down formally and controlled but it is normal good practice and aids review, continual improvement and stakeholder transparency. Management systems may have a broad or narrow scope but are most effective when they are fully integrated addressing the total operations of the organisation and the full spectrum of potential stakeholder impacts. [MSS 1000 definition] Set of formally defined intentions, principles, rules and guidance used to systematically manage an organisation’s structures and processes to achieve its objectives.

What is an integrated management system?

[MSS 1000 definition] An Integrated Management System is a Management system that has a scope that includes two or more aspects of an organisation’s performance that is capable of being managed by separate distinct management systems. As an example, it may cover two or more of the management of product or service quality, environment, and personnel health and safety performance.

What is a fully integrated management system?

[MSS 1000 definition] A fully integrated management system is an Integrated Management System that addresses the totality of the organisation’s structures and processes with the exception of arrangements that need to be covert. The need to define covert management arrangements will necessitate one or more separate covert management systems.

What are the benefits of an integrated management system?

The benefits of an Integrated Management System are broadly the same as the benefits of Integrated Management. However, the broader the scope of the Integrated Management System the greater will be the benefits. Most benefits will be obtained from a fiully Integrated Management System which addresses the totality of the organisation's operations without boundaries.
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