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What is management?

[MSS 1000 definition] A responsible person’s or group’s thinking processes and administrative processes directed at achieving the purpose, needs, aspirations and objectives of an organisation, project or task through people. NOTE 1: Management thinking and action may be aided by the use of management tools and techniques and the input of experts and specialists. NOTE 2: A management process may be classified as strategic, tactical or operational, and also as a normal process, contingency process and change process.

What is Integrated Management?

Integrated Management manages each element of the organisation or project with respect to the whole to deliver its purpose while equitably satisfying its stakeholders and making the best use of resources. [MSS 1000 definition] Approach to management that seeks to understand and effectively direct every aspect of an organisation so that the needs and expectations of all stakeholders are equitably satisfied by the best use of all resources. NOTE 1: ‘direction’ implies the use of a management system addressing the totality of the organisation and its interaction with stakeholders. NOTE 2: ‘stakeholders’ and ‘equitably’ implies that an organisation should seek transparent win-win solutions where this is possible. NOTE 3: Integrated management makes no distinction in its general approach to managing potential gain and managing potential loss as perceived by stakeholders. NOTE 4: Integrated management recognises no time, geographic, demographic or other types of boundary. It globally addresses future as well as current stakeholder needs, which naturally promotes sustainability. This implies that complete life cycles are addressed such as industry, organisation, plant, asset, good or employee (e.g. induction, development and retirement) etc. NOTE 5: Best use of resources implies effective, efficient (waste minimization), agile and resilient processes as judged by a consensus of stakeholders. NOTE 6: Integrated management implies that all elements of an organisation should add optimal value both individually and collectively i.e. acting as a whole and delivering a synergistic benefit. NOTE 7: Integrated management allows uniformity and diversity to coexist harmoniously within an organisation. Generic approaches are used only if they add value.

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